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Oliver Wide-SwenssonI try to bring my camera wherever I go. And occasionally I shoot something that turns out to be pretty nice. Whenever that happens I will post the photo here on my photoblog tolka.nu.


In the meantime if you wonder who I am: I’m a Swede with a Norwegian passport with a passion for photography and footboll (soccer that is). Coffee is my daily fuel and Apple products is the only electronics I use. My obsession for cars and motorcycles have made me end up with a Harley-Davidson which I cherish more than life.


You can’t find anything fancy in my camera bag. A Nikon D90 with a bunch of lenses will have to do the trick. My Sigma 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses are those who are mounted to my DSLR the most.


You wanna contact me? Sure. You’ll find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook