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Words from the chief

Welcome to tolka.nu. This is where I’ll post photos that didn’t get deleted (catchy slogan, right?). I might be many things, but photographer is not one of them. I do love photography and have done so for a long time. But taking a few decent shots don’t make you a photographer.

I’m ambitious, creative and lazy when it comes to taking photos. The laziness will override the talent. Anyway, whenever I’m fairly happy with a photo I’ll post it here.

It may say blog in the menu above but hey, don’t you worry! This won’t turn into some teenage fashion blog where I’ll post my daily outfit.

I will use whatever gear I have close by. However most of the time I will use my Nikon D90 mounted with a 24-70mm lens; or perhaps its big brother, the 70-200 lens. From time to time I’ll use my GoPro or even my iPhone.


Thanks for stopping by,